Choose an efficient room air conditioner

Why? In the summer, air conditioning can account for a significant portion of your home's energy bill. When you replace your old air conditioner or buy a new one, choosing an efficient, ENERGY STAR® certified unit could lower your cooling costs.
What to look for:
  • The ENERGY STAR label. Certified models use 15% less energy than conventional models.
  • The right size. A unit that is too large will operate less efficiently.
  • An easy-to-clean filter. Look for a model with a filter that slides out easily.
  • A good fit. If you are choosing a window air conditioning unit, be sure it will fit snugly in the window so you don't lose precious cooled air.
  • A timer. This added feature can help you stay comfortable and avoid over-cooling.

Installation notes: Placing the unit in a shaded window and using a ceiling fan will save you even more. Use the materials provided to create a tight fit between the window edge and the unit.

Reminders: Remember to remove window air conditioning units in the winter to keep cold air from entering your home and to help your unit last longer.

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Tip Details

Save up to $40 per year

Up-front costs: $125 to $500 for most models; usually no cost difference between efficient and standard models

Offers and Incentives: We provide incentives up to $600 for energy-efficient air conditioners with SEER 18 or higher and 13 EER or higher.